The Virtual Experiences Laboratory at the College of Engineering, University of Georgia

The Virtual Experiences Laboratory (VEL) was founded by Dr. Kyle Johnsen when he joined the University of Georgia Faculty of Engineering (Now the College of Engineering) in August 2008. The VEL serves as the center of virtual reality research and education at UGA. The mission of the VEL is to enable researchers and students to develop and study the next generation of virtual worlds, advanced user interfaces, and virtual reality applications.

Front of Driftmier

Directions & Contact Information: We are located in Drifmier Engineering Center on Agriculture Drive at UGA. From the front entrance of Driftmier Engineering Center, go through the doors and turn right. Follow the hall around and down the stairs. The VEL is on the left, room 407b. It's in the 300 hallway, so don't get confused!

Dr. Kyle Johnsen (kjohnsen []
Driftmier Engineering Center
597 DW Brooks Dr.
Athens, GA 30602