VEL Apps Hub Download and Use


Step-by-step instructions

1. Download for your platform:

On MacOS, you may get a warning about the app being untrusted. To run it anyway, use ctrl+click to open the file.

On Windows, a similar prompt may appear. Click on “more info,” then “run anyway.”

2. Ask Kyle Johnsen for your access code, enter it into the access code box, and click refresh.

3. On the left, find the relevant application, click on “Install”, then “Open”.

If this step fails (this may happen on older versions of MacOS), you may have to download and extract the application directly (MacWindows).


The following downloads are available for educational, non-commercial uses only.  Use at your own risk.

If you have questions, contact


Engineering Education in VR at UGA (full name ENGREDUVRUGA)

Land Surveying

  • Work together with fellow students or instructors over the internet to practice land surveying.
  • Accurate simulation of land surveying equipment.
  • Take notes and perform calculations with a virtual whiteboard.


  • Practice statics problems with the benefit of 3D problem visualization.

(Requires access)


Virtual Family Room

Virtual Family Room (VFR)

Users join family members in the virtual environment to play strategy games (e.g., block builder), to play recreational games (e.g., mini-golf), or to engage in collaborative activities (e.g., work homework problems).

(Requires access)


Jungle Jim

Can you run (physically) and jump (virtually) across this jungle gym? Can you find out who Jim is?

An experimental use of a large play area and VR backpack to eliminate the need for a horizontal movement system while remaining a platformer. 

The answer is no, you can’t find out who Jim is.

Playspace required: 2m x 14m


Play golf in a series of four holes with online leaderboards.

(Requires access)



Practice the neurological examination on a dog.

(Requires access)


idkman. web browsers or something.

VR Balancer

Using a tracked stick with pressure sensitivity as an input device.

The application available here is similar to Super Monkey Ball


Rift Exe coming soon