Virtual Land Surveying Application Download and Instructions

Step-by-step instructions

1. Download for your platform:

On MacOS, you may get a warning about the app being untrusted. To run it anyway, use ctrl+click to open the file.

On Windows, a similar prompt may appear. Click on “more info,” then “run anyway.”

2. Enter the code “baffour2021” to get access to the land surveying application.

3. Click on “Install”, then “Open” on the “ENGREDUVR Desktop” application.

If this step fails (this may happen on older versions of MacOS), you may have to download and extract the application directly (Mac, Windows).

4. Enter your name in text box.

5. If you are working with someone else, enter the same room code in the bottom left. Make sure to submit with the little arrow button. You should see their name in a panel on the left side of the screen.

6. Controls for moving the camera around are in the top left of the screen. Right click to rotate the camera, scroll to zoom, shift+scroll to move the camera up and down, and left click to interact.



If you can install ENGREDUVR Desktop application but clicking “Open” does nothing, try running the application directly:

On Windows, the application installs to:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\velappshubelectron\Installs\ENGREDUVR Desktop\ENGREDUVR.exe

On Mac, it installs to:

/Users/{YOUR USERNAME}/Library/Application Support/velappshubelectron/Installs/ENGREDUVR Desktop/

On Mac, use right click -> open to run the .app file.


If you have problems, please email to get help.